Character Bank – Barmaid in the Revolution

Imagine if you will being in the middle of a war and losing a sibling. Sadly for many people this isn’t hard to imagine because this is their reality.

It is not clear from the prompt if the revolution is still going on or not. What is clear is that the revolution took her brother from her. It also doesn’t say how close they were, but it’s safe to say she was not neutral on the situation.

Writing Prompt

There is so much that we don’t know about this woman. We know generally what she looks like and a bit of her personality and her occupation. That is a good starting place for sure.

Does she have other family? Is the revolution still going on? Which side was she on? Which side was her brother on? If it’s over, who won? If it’s not, do both sides believe they can still win?

What kind of technology does she live around? There have been bars for centuries, probably longer. The time frame could be almost anything.

Her hair is short. Is this normal for a woman where she is? Or at the very least is it something people would take specific note about or is it just something that helps you imagine her better?

What kind of person do you think she is and what kind of goals does she have in her life? Is she wanting to seek revenge for her brother’s death? Does she worry that she’s next?

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