Character Bank – Cybernetic Limbed Local

Unlike some of the other characters that tend to be more fantasy or modern day characters with maybe a splash of historical characters in for fun, this one tends to fit more into a science fiction setting, though she certainly could be in a modern day setting with modern day prosthetic technology.

Writing Prompt

The prompt doesn’t actually say which limb is cybernetic, but it does only mention a singular limb. She might have more than one, but this seems unlikely given the wording.

She is from the city. This implies that she is from the city that you are currently in, but may not mean that. She may be from a big city and is currently in a more rural area which she also well acquainted with.

There really isn’t a lot more about her listed here. It says she is distinctive looking, but that could mean almost anything and I’m sure that is deliberate. What kind of distinctive features do you think she might have? Is she really tall? Maybe she has a big scar somewhere on her body. Could she walk with a limb due to whatever required her to have a cybernetic limb? Maybe her eyes are two different colors or her hair is naturally some shade that people are not used to seeing. There are plenty of things you can do with her. What do you see her doing in your story?

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