Character Bank – Faerie Name

There are few things more important to the fae than names. They try to steal other people’s names, but what about their own names? What happens when a faerie cannot remember his own name?

What kind of difficulties will it cause a fairy not knowing their name? Can they make one up? Can they take a new one from someone else? Do they lose their powers if they can’t remember who they are?

Writing Prompt

And if is about who they are or is the name literally their power? Do those around him know his name and either choose not to tell him or are for some reason unable to tell him? Did they forget his name, too? Are their other faeries that can’t remember their names or is this unique to this individual?

I find faeries interesting and pretty. The idea of one who can’t remember his name is interesting to me and I would be interested to read a story where a faerie has to find out who he is and take back his name.

I don’t know what that kind of story might entail. What comes to mind when you think of a faerie without a name?

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