Character Bank – Rival Half-Siblings

Writing Prompt

This is the first character bank entry I have made that I am including on here. I have others that will be making an appearance over the next year and I hope you like them.

This one is inspired by a story I saw, although the situation is generic enough that it probably appears dozens of times in stories.

Character Bank

A man with a child loses his wife and remarries. The man may or may not be concerned with the wellbeing of his child, but not long after he remarries his second wife has a child of her own and she wants her child to be the most important. It turns out that the younger half-sibling is a better at something that is important to the parents or maybe to the society they are in as a whole.

The younger is brought up to believe he or she is better than his or her older sibling, both because of this and because his or her mother props him or her up. Because of this he or she has become full of themselves. The older one is the kinder gentler one and feels guilty about avoiding his or her brother because it was easier to avoid his or her stepmother. The two do not get along, never have, but both of them wish they did, though neither shows it to the other. What could you do with characters like this?

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