Dialogue Prompt – Hostages Raid the Fridge

The written word has the ability to bring all sorts of emotions to the front. In the case of this particular dialogue prompt, the first emotion that popped up was amusement. That was quickly replaced by concern for the two characters being held hostage and then returned to amusement, because this character is a bit of a rascal and amuses me.

Being held hostage is no joke, at least the majority of the time it’s not. On the occasions that it is, both parties are aware that it’s a joke and no one is worried about their safety. I do not think that is the case here.

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The Votes Are In For the Belly Ballot

Belly Ballot is an interesting baby name website with an interesting name. It gives you a lot of freedom for finding names on their site. As with many of the sites I have looked at, Belly Ballot has lists of names that you can look at such as Cowpoke Names, Last Names For First, and Brainiac Names.

They have the names divided up by ethnicity as well, but with a nice little twist. In the drop down menu they divide up that list by location, so that if you are looking for a name from a certain continent, it’s quicker to figure out which ethnicities you should be looking at. With fifty-one categories in all, there is a lot of choices to look under spanning from African to Yiddish.

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Dialogue Prompt – Seduction Level: Cabbage

This was fun to find. Writing prompts by Maris McKay are a bit more on the light side than some of the other prompts I have found out there. I have no idea what’s going on here or what these people are trying to accomplish or even how serious the situation is, but I do know that one of them has absolutely no faith in his or her ability to seduce someone and the other one is pretty confident that the second person can easily seduce someone. It seems like a pretty close relationship that they have, but I guess that’s up to interpretation with everything else.

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Character Bank – She Loves Trolling

Here’s our first character bank. I find this character a bit too close to home. It’s not that I am really all that much like her, but there are enough similarities for me to stop and pay attention.

I am nearing 40 and I love reading. Really that’s all there is. I mean I do take a rather odd amusement in letting people believe I understand less than I do, but I am also quick to correct them and I only do it in person. It would be dull on the internet where I cannot see their responses. Also, it’s not something I think too much about and if I think about it for long, I have a tendency to retract things like that.

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Dialogue Prompt – I’m a Lady, Not a Fool

It’s time for our daily prompt. This one is a dialogue prompt that I found on Pinterest. I wasn’t expecting this, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to share it. I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

Finding this prompt definitely caught my attention. A mixture of prim and proper and deadly, the speaking character here would definitely make an interesting addition to any cast. She may or may not fit in to what you are doing, but she most definitely would be interesting.

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Behind the Name’s Random Name Generator

To try out this next name generator, I checked the option to generate a life story and chose that he would be a male from Denmark. I hadn’t known exactly what to expect, but I love that it gave me an entire profile for this character.

He lived a good, long life.

This isn’t the only generator I have come across that creates an entire character, but it’s not as common as just creating a name for the character. I really like the detail put into this and was impressed that it even went as far as to identify him as right handed and that he has O negative for his blood type. It’s not information that I was expecting to be included in this type of thing and I really like what they did here. I don’t know that I’ll use Emanuel in a story anytime soon or even at all, but I definitely will use this generator, again, to create characters. This was a pleasant surprise and nice addition to my list of random name generators.

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Dialogue Prompt – No Ambulance Please

Deep Water Prompts is another writing prompt creator that I really like the creativity of. The prompts tend to be more on the spooky or the weird side and this prompt definitely counts.

I think if someone thought I needed an ambulance, I’d be ready to concede, but that is clearly not what’s going on here. Clearly this person has had to deal with this a lot, so it makes me wonder, what is wrong and why does it always look like “this” without needing medical care?

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Dialogue Prompt – Crashing My Own Funeral

Another dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead, this one made me think of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I really like the prompts The Fake Redhead created and I enjoy sharing them with you.

If you know the story of Tom Sawyer, you should know why this makes me think of him. Tom and Huck went off on an adventure and due to some problems they ran into, everyone thought they were dead. They managed to get back to time in time for Tom’s funeral and crashed it, causing quite a stir.

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Inkwell Ideas’s Map Makers

Inkwell Ideas has some interesting software that I came across for this series. They have several different map making software programs. Each has a different strength and weakness.

Although not everything in here is free, it’s definitely worth looking at. I can’t say for sure how well it works, but based off what I see, it’s a program I could really enjoy working with. Each of the four programs has a free version and at least three of them have a pro version. The fourth may or may not still have a pro version, but as one of the programs replaces the other three, it seems best not to worry about the pro version of that one.

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Dialogue Prompt – Burger Than Backup

This dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead made me do a double take. It’s definitely a lot less serious than some prompts are. On top of that it really tells you a lot. The person talking clearly has their priorities. I can’t say I agree with them, but I love a character who knows what they want and this one sure does.

To start with this is a character who doesn’t seem to care a whole lot if the person with them comes back or not. Is that because the other person wouldn’t be very useful in the situation or because they are actually worried about what would happen to them if they came back alone?

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