World Builders

This new addition to the map makers series is another one that talks about how to make maps as well as some of the tools you can use to make them. I love the mindset of the author on Where the Map Ends. This line in the article, “that’s okay, because we’re weird enough that we enjoy making up pretend worlds,” especially makes me smile. I don’t know that it actually is weird to want to create something new, but even if it is, I’m weird and proud of it, so I’m good with this line of thinking.


Writing Prompt – Past Lives Author

Purple Dragon Prompts are amazing. I am just so impressed with all these creative people writing prompts and sharing them with the world. Purple Dragon Prompts are the brain child of Kayleigh Gallagher author of the book Defy. According to her website, she picked the term Purple Dragon Prompts, because of course dragons are purple. As a fellow dragon fan, I like the way she thinks.

I picked this prompt from her collection, because as authors, we sometimes wonder what it would be like if what we wrote was real. Imagine writing a story about an author who found out, it all really was.


Writing Prompt – The Crown Tattoo

The newest prompt writer that I have found and would like to share with you is Shauna Philp. She’s quite creative and has a lot of prompts to share. As of writing this there are almost 700 prompts on her site, so definitely check those out if you would like to find some inspiration.

Although it’s not a writing prompt before I start on the writing prompt, I would like to point out a post she wrote about 10 Signs You’re a Writer. It’s something I think is well written on a topic that some people question. Are you a writer? What makes you a writer? When do you become one? I agree with her conclusion here and if you have questions about whether or not you are a writer, you should check it out.


The Bump On Names

Many websites for expectant and new parents have sections on naming. With a selection of over 40,000 names, one such website is The Bump.

The Bump has a lot of different lists for prospective parents and authors to look through for inspiration. Included on the site is a Baby Name Finder which allows you to look for names based off gender, first letter of the name, and country of origin. Country of origin includes 52 possible options including uncertain if you want a name that is not known to be connected with any particular country of origin.


Character Bank – Angst Feeder

I found this character from the character bank quite interesting, because he’s like a vampire, but not. With a very large Angel exception, I really am not much a fan of vampires, well, Angel and a few of the other vampires from that universe. As such there is little in-depth research I have done into the topic.

However, I do find the concept of dependency on others in this way in order to live to be quite interesting. My major problem with it is the blood aspect, which is probably why this is perfect.


Character Bank – Pudgy Knight

In yesterday’s character bank, we discussed a female knight who liked to gossip and is a descent poet. Just for fun, I found another knight, this one a male, who is also a poet. Maybe the two of them come from the same story or even the same kingdom.

Similar to our female knight, our male knight is tall with a pale complexion. He is described as a bit pudgy, which also fits with her and he is an excellent poet.


Character Bank – Gossipy Knight

She’s an interesting sort, the knight in this character bank prompt. I think she’d likely be a lot of fun to have in a story if she fit into the world the story was in.

Her appearance is interesting. The contrast of the dark eyes to the fair complexion and semi-fair hair makes for someone who would likely catch people’s eyes. Being a tall, heavy-set woman on top of that is likely to draw even more eyes to her unless that is common where she’s from.

I find it curious that her clothes on duty are described as being an old fashioned business suit. That’s not something I think of at the same time as knight. It makes me think that perhaps her story is closer to modern times than I would at first think.


Fantasy Name Generator

This one is pretty extensive. It has a lot of different name generators to pick from, many of them focused on various games include World of Warcraft, Diablo, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Magic: The Gathering, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, Mindcraft, Runescape, Stargate, The Legend of Zelda, and so many more.

Choosing this site will give you so many more options to choose from. Once you get about halfway down you get even more choices to choose from. It moves away from games, books, and movies and goes into weapon names, armor names, and pet names. Each of these have a bunch of options to choose from: twenty-one weapon types, ten armor types, and twenty-eight animal types for pets.


Character Bank – 700-Year-Old Demon

Admittedly, I’m not too fond of the idea of a character who is a demon, so this does have cause to give me pause. However, the idea of someone who is 700-years-old pretending to be someone much younger, that I find interesting.

In my own writing I have some characters who are rather old. The oldest at the moment is around 750-years-old, so right around this age range. Due to various events in the story, he’s not really available for me to use yet. There is another character, whom I have used who was at his introduction 725-years-old, give or take a few months depending on when exactly in 1299 AD his birthday was, not exactly a little kid either.


Dialogue Prompt – 1754 Has No Cell Service

This early dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead cracks me up. I love how the one person just refuses to listen to any argument that the other one has.

I do have a bit of a soft spot for time travel stories and this one definitely sounds like it would be fun. It also has me wondering a lot of things about it. Probably the most relevant being, did the fact that one of the characters was stuck in 1754 affect the timeline in any significant way or was it just an obstacle that he or she had to overcome?