Dialogue Prompt – Many Sisters

These days, at least in America, families are small. Even what I would consider a small family like mine with four children is looked on as big, which is kind of crazy to me, but it is what it is.

In years past, a family with only one or two children was not only uncommon, in many cases having a lot of children was seen as extremely important. Farmers needed a lot of people to work the land and a lot of children died young of a lot of things. My dad was one of seven, his mom one of ten. Both of my grandmas lost a brother before he reached the grand old age of three. For one grandma that meant she never met one of her brothers.

In more recent years I knew a family with nine children, two of the girls in the middle being around my age. If I remember correctly, they only had one boy. This dialogue prompt is probably something he’s heard over the years.



I think the thing I like most about the baby name section of Parents.com is the ability to pick how many syllables are in a name you are looking for. That’s not something I recall seeing on any other such site.

As with many other sites, there are a lot of articles on picking names from Tips for Naming Twins to Middle Names: 8 Ways to Pick the Perfect One for Your Baby there is a lot to take in.


Dialogue Prompt – Not Normal Again

Imagine finding out that your new friend was an assassin after two days and not only not being impressed or scared, but frustrated, because this sort of thing keeps happening. In today’s prompt of the day, we have a dialogue prompt with a couple of characters who live some very interesting lives.

We may not know much about either of them, but what is said in the dialogue is definitely telling. When you find out someone is an assassin, this is not your normal response.


Writing Prompt – High School Best Friend

What do you do if your best friend went missing back when you were in high school and years later after you have moved on with your life, suddenly they are back, alive, young, and confused. Or are they alive? There has to be a reason they haven’t aged after all, doesn’t there?

This one I have used. I absolutely love the concept and it fit perfectly with the series I am currently working on.


Dialogue Prompt – Something Wrong

A new year, a new you. Or so some people say. What if the new you had something wrong with it that hadn’t been an issue before.

What kind of problem do you think could be wrong with everyone? Is everyone actually everyone, or is it everyone in a specific group? What would lead someone to realize something was wrong with them?


Random Name Generators

Sometimes you just can’t find the right name and even with all the lists of names it still isn’t there. Or maybe you have a minor character that needs a name and you aren’t too concerned with what that name is so long as you don’t have Jon, John, Johnny and Jonathan all in your story.

There are a lot of choices out there, but one way to go is with Random Name Generators. Each ones has its own approach to how they handle finding names for you to use, but as a whole, they will give you at least one name, some times a full name or a company name and maybe even a lot more. It might just be the perfect way to find a name for that pesky character who has been avoiding your questions about what their name is. And even if it’s not, it still can be a pretty fun activity to see what you come up with. After all, you don’t want to keep their name as John Doe, do you?


The 20s Are Here!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Not only is it a new year, but it’s a new decade. One hundred years ago the Great War was barely ended and here in the US Prohibition was in full swing. Underground stills were on the rise as was alcohol related crimes, but alcohol consumption itself was going down. The Great Depression was less than a decade away and short flapper skirts were all the rage. It had only been five years since the first coast to coast phone call and the first transcontinental phone call was still seven years away. Personal computers weren’t even a dream in most if not everyone’s minds.


A Year of Writer Prompts

Writing prompts are something that I find interesting. They are short and have the potential to bring all sorts of ideas either for full stories or for pieces of stories. A while back I decided to start collecting them and I have a lot of them. Some I have even used for my own stories. Many more I want to use and have not yet found a place to use them.


Fractal World Generator

A massive random generator, one of the many things that you can randomly generate on Donjon is a world. There are a lot of things you can put into the generator, but ultimately you create something that looks a little like this.


Babbling About Disney Names

Run by Disney, Babble has a name section that is worth taking a look at. Like every such list, it has it’s strong points. Of course, being a Disney site, they have a Disney themed name list if you want to use names of Disney characters for inspiration, so that’s definitely worth taking a look at for fans of Disney who want to use names related to the large collection of Disney movies and TV shows. While not even close to a complete list, the list of Disney names is a useful resource for those who have an interest.